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BGMI is a game of survival where lots of situations sometimes arrives it can be Solo vs Solo, Duo, Trio, or Squad, and to overcome those situations you have to practice a lot. Here in this article I will be sharing some quick tutorial to win Solo vs Squad in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

These 4 Tips and Tricks won’t make you win every time, but by following these techniques the chances of victory will increase, and you might win for sure. Some squads are very powerful, so in such situations you have to know the tactics.

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How To Win Solo vs Squad In BGMI?

How To Win Solo vs Squad In BGMI?

Here are 4 techniques to win the solo vs squad in BGMI.

#1 Pick High Damaging Guns

BGMI offers a variety of guns and each of them can be used for various purposes in suppose using shotgun in long range is never a good idea, in such cases sniper or assault rifles are recommended. That’s why for every situation there are some weapons that you can use and BGMI has weapons for all types of situations but mastering them is a bit difficult task.

#2 Land Fast

Whichever location you are choosing to land, my recommendation is picking the nearest location from the plane and use your tactics to land as much faster on the ground. There are a few fast landing techniques that you can use, and find some video tutorials about how to land faster in BGMI at any location. When you land, try to pick up any available weapon to get prepared for early fights.

#3 Carry Throwables

In BGMI throwables play an important role as it delivers high damage to the opponent, and the players standing in its radius. BGMI offers different types of throwables, Grenade, Molotov, Smoke, and much more. So carry all the possible throwables use them effectively for the opponents. There are many players who use these utilities smartly to deal high damage for opponent.

#4 Use Vehicles

When you are moving and started receiving shots then in such cases use of vehicles can be very useful as it helps you to take cover or move faster from that location and get sufficient time to spot the enemy or recover health. The types of vehicles are in many varieties such as two-seater, 3 seaters and 4 seater vehicles are also available.

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This is the complete guide on How To Win Solo vs Squad In BGMI. You see, victory is totally up to you that how you are mastering it. In this guide I have just shared the 4 best techniques rest is on you that how you can use in a better way against your opponent to save yourself and your squad to move forward for victory and win the 1v4 matches.

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