Why do some people get more mosquito bites?

Mosquitoes grow in the summer. Despite spending most of my summers in Wisconsin's Northwoods, I've never been injured. Mosquitoes are particular. Why do some people get more mosquito bites than others?

Mosquitoes' main objective is blood. Mosquitoes don't eat blood, despite common assumption. Female mosquitoes bite because they need blood to reproduce. And they like one type 

A 2004 study found that mosquitos preferred Type O blood, which was supported by a 2019 study that found mosquitos preferred Type O blood when presented with different types of blood.

Bacteria on your skin can influence how attractive you are. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain bodily emissions as well.

The venomous insects have maxillary palps, which allow them to detect carbon dioxide from their prey.

There are some unrelated factors that may influence whether mosquitoes are drawn to you.