Heart-damaging foods 

Margarine "Artificial trans fats that make up traditional margarines have been outlawed," Jonese xplains.Palm oil isn't as good for your heart as avocado or olive oil.

Fat-free salad dressing.Fat provides more calories per gramme than carbs and protein, yet it's an important component that you must take every day.

Red Bull, Monster, and RockStar beverages may make you believe you need them to feel motivated, yet they include large quantities of caffeine and unregulated stimulants with no upper limit values

Alcohol.Regular daily drinking, even in moderation, raises the risk of high blood pressure and hemorrhagic stroke, says Jones.

Fries.Breading and oil add unwanted calories. "Empty" calories lack nutrition. Not how you feel, however. Empty calories may make you feel bloated and can lead to weight gain and heart health risks

When you add sweet syrups, whipped cream, and caramel sauces to "coffee," you load it up with empty calories. If you order coffee, use fewer adjectives. Click Here MLB responds to Statcasts hardest-hit ball.