Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire Like a Pro Player

In Garena Free Fire Gloo Wall is an important item that helps to handle any tough situations in the easiest ways. But using it properly is also a challenging task and requires lots of practice to use it like a pro. I have seen many eSports players who use the Gloo Wall very efficiently and due to this only Boyaah gets added into their victory list.

Here we will be looking at some of the best techniques to use the Gloo Wall in FF effectively and win the match that never been done before. It is not sure that you will win the match, but the chances of winning might be increased a bit if you know what are the best tactics that can be used to master this.

How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire Like a Pro?

How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire?

Here are 5 tips that you can follow, and they might help you a lot in winning:

1. Take Cover

When you are in a gunfight and getting no sign of escape, then Gloo Wall can be used as a cover material which will help you to escape from that location by blocking opponents vision for some times in that area. You can either use it as cover or unlock an opportunity to run from there.

2. In Close Range Fight

In a close range fight, damage delivery is high and the gloo wall is an important asset that helps to hide and restore health if damaged. But you will need to practice a lot in order to master the close range fight with the help of Gloo Wall.

3. Revive Teammates

If you or your teammate engaged in a gunfight, then gloo wall can be instantly used to take cover and revive them and heal without getting damaged. It works best when this situation occurs in open space when you are getting shots from all the directions.

4. 360° Technique

This is a next level thing that you can do to surround yourself when gunfire from all the directions is going on. By doing this you will be packed from all the direction with Gloo Wall till the gunfire ends, and once it is finished you can come out by breaking it. But remember a bullet can’t hit you, but a grenade will deliver damage for sure.

5. Use While Moving

If you want to avoid getting damage from sudden gunfire, then I advise you to use the Gloo Wall when you are moving. Take the gloo wall in your hand and assemble as soon as any bullet starts hitting. But assembling it properly would be a difficult task, and placing it properly is another difficult task.

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These are 5 best tips and techniques on How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire Like a Pro. If you have some better suggestion feel free to drop them in the below comments as they will be useful for us to mention them for other readers.

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