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In January 2022 BGMI v1.8 update may be released and in the 1.8 update a lot of changes are coming to the game which are very exciting and going to make the very interesting. Krafton is also doing collaboration with the most popular movie of this month Spider-Man No Way home, so we might also experience the Spider-Man suit in the game and most probably it will be a mythic suit.

Currently, we don’t have any info about the Spider-Man and BGMI, but it is 100% confirm that very soon we will be experiencing the Spider-Man update in BGMI. There is also a chance that multiverse theme mode may also arrive just like the movie, which is going to be very exciting for both the Spider-Man fans and BGMI players.

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BGMI Top 5 Upcoming Features In 1.8 Update

1. Automatic Download: In the 1.7 update, the map download section was changed and replaced to home and in this update the feature of automatic download also removed. But in the 1.8 beta version it is seen that feature to pause automatic download is coming in the game which will prevent maps from downloading automatically when connected with internet.

When you restart the game, the resource file and other non downloaded maps start downloading automatically which is not good especially when you are on mobile data because the internet data is limited on mobile phone.

BGMI Map Automatic Download

2. New Start Button & Moveable Lobby: In the next update a new type of start button based on the upcoming theme is coming along with a moveable lobby which shakes when you move your phone. The next update is yellowish and almost everything is changing to something like yellow color and next theme background is also like yellow.

BGMI Update New Start Button & Moveable Lobby

3. New Designs: The designs of all the collecting materials has been changed, daily rewards and setting has been changed. Most of the designs are very similar to the PUBG New state designs. The items’ collection style is unique and also of yellowish color. The interface of the mission section is also changed with a new look, and now it seems easier.

BGMI Update New Designs

4. Unranked Mode: A new Unranked Mode and a new map AfterMath is added in the next update and the map selection area is just like the PUBG New State map selection. The changes are getting done based on that.

BGMI Update Unranked Mode

5. Livik Map Changes: Some changes have been done in the Livik Map because a volcanic eruption took place here. With the newly added items, aiming became easier that provides more detailed information of the battlefield, and you can also recall defeated teammates back with a machine by going near that. A lot of more features have been added such as Zip line, Item shop in game, wider shield and much more new exclusive items.

BGMI Update Livik Map Changes

These are the top 5 changes that will be seen in the BGMI 1.8 update. Along with all these improvements, there are even more items are added into the game to make it more exciting. What is your opinion about these improvements, please let us know in the below comments.

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