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Garena Free Fire‘s emotes, like their famous predecessors, have a large following. Emotes, as well as other treasures, abound in the famous shooter game, and players can find many of them in both waiting lobbies and battles.

Top 5 Emotes for New Free Fire Players in 2022

There is a variety of emotes that can be obtained in a variety of ways. Legendary emotes are normally only seen during special events, whereas standard emotes can be purchased from the store. The options in the in-game store are extensively used, and newcomers should make use of them.

Top 5 Emotes Newbies Should Prefer

1) Moon Flip

Video Source : SportsKeeda

This Emote costs 399 Diamonds. Instead of a standard backflip, the in-game character perform a stylish diagonal somersault.

Moonflip is, without a doubt, the most fashionable emote accessible in the market. It’s a great choice for newcomers who wish to have a cool emote in Free Fire.

2) Kongfu

Kong-Fu Emote of Free Fire

This Emote also costs 399 Diamonds, it makes the in-game character executes nunchuck moves that resemble the legendary Bruce Lee.

It’s a very spectacular emoticon that anyone may purchase at any time from the store. The Kongfu emote is recommended for new players who enjoy martial arts such as Kung Fu.

3) Bhangra

Bhangra Emote of Free Fire

This 399 Diamonds Emote makes the in-game character perform the most basic step of Bhangra, a traditional Punjabi folk dance.

After executing an adversary, the emote represents celebration and magnifies energy that can be used on the battlefield. After winning a Free Fire bout, players can employ the Bhangra emote.

4) Threaten

It also costs 399 Diamonds. A throat-slash gesture is displayed by the in-game character.

It’s also a great alternative for newcomers because they may mock opponents in waiting for lobbies by making a throat-slash gesture. It’s also a good idea to employ the emote before killing a downed foe.

5) LOL

Same Price, 399 Diamonds. The emote is the ideal way to tease opponents because the in-game character laughs hysterically.

The LOL emote can be found in popular YouTubers’ gameplay and funny compilation videos. It’s one of the most popular Free Fire emotes available right now in the marketplace.

So, Hope you like all of these emotes, if you haven’t tried them, then what are you waiting for? Collect them, and keep rocking. Booyah!!

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