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In Free Fire, there are approximately 43 total characters available in the game, and each character has their own special abilities. Most of the characters are available to unlock with only diamonds, whereas some characters are available to unlock with Gold Coin, which can be earned for free.

But it becomes very confusing which characters to unlock with gold coin because the cost price is too high that can’t be easily earned. So let’s have a look at all those things and then decide which 5 characters are best to unlock for free with gold coin.

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5 Free Fire Characters To Purchase With Gold Coin

These are the 5 best characters to purchase with Gold coin in Garena Free Fire.

1. Hayato

Hayato is one of the best character that you can spend Gold Coin to purchase. He has special ability which is known by name Bushido. Its special skills helps him to enhance penetration by 7.5% whenver HP decreases by10%.

Cost: 8000 Gold Coins


2. Miguel

Miguel is the another best character of Free Fire which has special ability known as Crazy Slayer, and for each kill it recovers 30EEP health.

Cost: 8000 Gold Coins


3. Laura

Laura is a talented shooter and an special agent since her childhood. Her special ability is known as Sharp Shooter and her accuracy increases by 10% when shot through scope.

Cost: 8000 Gold Coins


4. Moco

Moco is the legendary character of the cyber world who is a hacker. She has the ability to get into any computer without permission. Her special ability is to tag enemies shot for 2 seconds.

Cost: 8000 Gold Coins


5. Maxim

Maxim is a live streamer who loves to eat and for his eating skills he has won several rewards, and in Free Fire his skills are used to heal fastly by eating and using med kits 15% faster than actual speed.

Cost: 8000 Gold Coins


These are the 5 best characters that I have chosen and recommending you to purchase with gold coin if you don’t want to spend diamond or real money in purchasing game characters. I hope these characters might help you to purchase something valuable at affordable rates.

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