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News is coming that Netflix recently released web series Squid Game is collaborating with Krafton and a new Squid Game mode is coming to PUBG Mobile, and hopefully it may arrive in BGMI too. This is a Korean web show, but Netflix bought it and the show became a blockbuster by surpassing all the previously released web series.

Recently Free Fire did collaboration with Squid Game and Now PUBG and in this mode we will be getting red light green light mode where a doll will be singing song and on red light you have to stop moving and on green light you have to start moving. In case of any movement detected, you will be eliminated.

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BGMI Squid Game Mode Coming Soon For Everyone

BGMI Squid Game Mode Release Date

It is expected that the BGMI Squid Game mode will be released by December 20, 2021 in PUBG Mobile and after a few days it might be available in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Squid Game and Krafton are doing a collaboration, so it might be seen in game by December 20 and hopefully in BGMI too.

This mode will be available in Arcade mode so that you can play it without thinking about losing Rank and Tier. I’m very excited about this mode to play in PUBG and then in BGMI. What’s your opinion about it, please drop them in the below comments.

BGMI Squid Game Mode Coming Soon For Everyone

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