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In Free Fire, a new event Reload Target Down Reload Target Down has begun on December 6 and going to end on December 12. During this, you have a great opportunity to try your luck and get premium in-game items for free. During this event, you will be getting a free spin and in case you are lucky you might get some good rewards for free itself.

The event has begun in collaboration with Money Heist on the basis of this theme the event has started and all the items are looks like the items used and signatures used in the series.

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Reload Target Down FF Event (Get Gold Vault Gloo Wall Skin For Free)

Free Fire Reload Target Down Event

In this event you will be getting total 11 spins out of which first spin is absolutely free of cost and the rest of the items unlocks with Diamond, and after every spin the price of spin increases, but the reward got in the spin will be eliminated in the next spin. The rewards available in this event are:

  • The Devil Blessing’s surfboard
  • Hellfire M4A1 crate
  • Ottero pet
  • Death’s loot crate
  • Pan- Greatest Heist
  • Ottero Heist pet skin
  • Bag O’ cash backpack
  • Red Robster Vector gun skin
  • Gold Vault Gloo wall skin
Free Fire Reload Target Down Event

Event Rules

  1. Event Duration: December 6-12
  2. Fire away to win exclusive LCDP Items
  3. First spin is free
  4. Prizes won are removed, and a new grand prize (golden bullet) will be added
  5. No items will be added after the five grand prizes. Continue spinning to win all the grand prizes

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These are all the rewards and event rules that you need to follow in order to claim these exclusive items. If you need any further answers, please let me know in the below comments, and we would love to

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