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After the PUBG Mobile 1.7 patch notes update, DP-28 has been nerfed, and now it is not that much powerful as it used to, before this update. DP-28 has been rebalanced, so in this article we will be going through overall details to know what are the changes that have been made in the DP.

In the 1.7 patch update the bullet speed was reduced, damage at long range was reduced, and the headshot damage is also reduced. These changes have been because DP-28 was performing too well in the game, that’s why these changes have been made.

Previously, DP-28 and AKM were identical and deals with approximately the same damage, that’s why DP was so powerful and gain such amazing popular in less time. As it is rebalanced and damage has been reduced but don’t worry it only affect the headshot damage (reduced by 4.4%) and everything else remains the same.

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PUBG Mobile DP-28 Guide, Tips & Tricks (Is DP-28 Still Powerful)

Long Range Damage Reduced

In long range shots, damage has been reduced and for every 100 m you loose approximately 8% overall damage. Suppose if you are shooting someone in the chest under 10 meters you will do 48 damage and for the same shot at 100 meters you deal 44 damage and similarly at 200 meters you will do 40 damage, and at 300 m you do around 37 damage.

If you use DP-28 for long range you can lose up to 23% of your damage depending on the distance, for example M416 can lose only up to 10% of its damage over distance whereas the DP can lose up to 23% of its damage.

Over the distance, it will affect the way how you use DP-28, but you can always solve this issue by hitting an extra shot to the opponent.

IS DP Recoil Same Or Changed?

In the patch notes nothing related to recoil is described, and we have also noticed that there is also a minimal change in recoil which won’t affect your gameplay. So you don’t need to worry about the recoil in this update, and you can use it without any problem as you used to do it before. If any recoil is occurring, try to spray in crouch.

Bullet Speed/Velocity

But due to slow bullet speed you might feel that bullet is not delivering much damage as it used to deliver earlier before the update. So we recommend you to connect extra shots.

Event having a slower speed, and less damage delivery, DP-28 is still one of the best weapon in this game. It works amazingly when shot at a stable target, but hitting a moving enemy would be a difficult task before of slower bullet speed.

Best Pair For DP-28

As you know after this update, spraying has become a challenging task, but you can use M416 or Scar-L assault rifles to pair with it for spraying at a moving vehicle or player. It has higher damage and less recoil in comparison to DP-28.

Avoid In Close Range

DP is a machine gun and machine guns are heavy so using it in close range will reduce your movement speed, so we highly recommend you to avoid using this for close range fight. But if you have no choice then this could be a better option as it has the same damage delivery as AKM.

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That’s all I got this for this article, I hope this article helped you get complete information about the DP-28 with complete guidance. If this article is useful for you, then don’t forget to share your feedback in the below comments.

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