Movies That Should Have Won An Oscar For Best Picture But Did Not

Movies That Should Have Won An Oscar For Best Picture But Did Not: We all enjoy debating the Oscars; it’s part of the pleasure.  

Movies That Should Have Won An Oscar For Best Picture But Did Not

What you think is a shoo-in to win the most prestigious award in cinema may fall short at the last hurdle, and another, possibly less deserving film will win Best Picture.  

Numerous deserving films have been overlooked by Academy voters – films that have been snubbed – and we’re here to honor them. 

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How Does Oscar Voting Work?

Anyone can become a member of the Oscar voting committee if they have feature film credits.  

Even though each of these candidates should be approved by the executive committee of each branch, all of them can vote for the best picture. 

When the final voting from all the branches (cinematographers, actors, directors, editors, documentary, etc.) are compared, the final winner is decided. 

Which Movies Should Have Won An Oscar But They Did Not?

The top Oscar-worthy films that were never nominated are listed below. There are some true masterpieces, such as Psycho and The Terminator, as well as some hidden gems that you may have missed the first time. Let’s take a look at them now. 

1: The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robotic bounty hunter travels back in time to murder Sarah Connor in James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster. 

Despite being one of cinema’s most famous films, The Terminator received no nominations. There are no awards for special effects also.  

Obviously, we think this movie could have won an Oscar for Best Special Effects.  

On the other hand, Cameron’s script is deceptively lean, punchy, and inventive. He should have won the award for Best Picture. 

2: The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption, based on Stephen King’s novella, follows a wrongfully imprisoned banker Andy Dufresne as he seeks to flee the prison. 

Was it nominated for an award?  

Despite its box office failure, The Shawshank Redemption received seven Academy Award nominations, but it did not win the Oscar for best picture. 

We think it should have won the Oscar for Best Picture, with Morgan Freeman deserving the Best Actor award. 

3: Fight Club

Tyler Durden, the proprietor of an underground boxing club, turns the Narrator’s life upside down. 

Fight Club received a Best Effects nomination, which is a bit of a letdown considering the number of acting skills involved. 

While Norton and Pitt are both fantastic actors, Helena Bonham Carter should have won Best Supporting Actress at the very least.  

In addition, the cinematography is stunning, which also makes this classic movie a formidable contender for Oscar in the best picture category. 

4: The Wolf of wall street

The rise and fall of stockbroker and con artist Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is chronicled in this highly entertaining biography. 

The Wolf of Wallstreet received five nominations, including one for Martin Scorsese as Best Director and another for Leonardo DiCaprio as Best Actor. 

However, the movie did not win the Oscar for best picture, which it should have.  

Leonardo DiCaprio’s terrifying deviant should have won him his first Oscar — if only for the Quaaludes sequence.

5: Psycho

Norman Bates goes on the rampage in this classic horror film, tackling everything from cross-dressing to cold-blooded murder. 

Hitchcock was nominated for another Best Director Oscar, but he did not win. 

Janet Leigh, who played the victim in that famous shower scene, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Leigh earned the gold because she transformed a thieving harlot into a sympathetic imperfect heroine, but Psycho indeed deserved to win the Oscar for the best picture. 

6: Halloween

In John Carpenter’s famous slasher flick, Jamie Lee Curtis’s innocent babysitter is tormented and nearly murdered by the scary Michael Myers.

As you can expect, this resulted in nothing. 

The Academy Awards despised horror! In some ways, they still do – even though the Academy has eased its stance on horror films.

Carpenter is a master director who transforms middle-class America’s paradise into a terrifying realm populated by faceless killers. It would have been highly deserved to win Best Picture. 

7: It’s A Wonderful Life

James Stewart plays a sad business person on the verge of suicide, but he soon realizes there’s a lot more to life than running a company – and he also has a family to care for.

There were five nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture, but no awards were given out.

Once again, we’ll have to say that Stewart’s uninhibited performance deservedly won him Best Actor. 

However, this movie was indeed wonderful to watch and should have won the Oscar.

Revisit These Movies Now!!!

All of the entries above have in common that they’re all fantastic films. Some have excellent acting skills, great cinematography, and many more, but they all have great storylines. 

If you also agree with our picks, let us know in the comment section. But, if you haven’t watched these films, add them to your watchlist right now.

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