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In Garena Free Fire Grenades have been always widely used throwables that deals with high damage in a specified area, and players staying in that area gets affected with the damage. But using it perfectly is not that much easy as we think, whereas many players uses grenades too much, and they are very much effective for such players.

Here is a quick guide that will teach you how to use grenades like a pro in Free Fire and get Booyah against a whole squad. In this article, I have mentioned all those techniques which will help you to use Grenades in Free Fire perfectly.

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How To Use Grenades Like A Pro In Free Fire?
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How To Use Grenades Like A Pro In Free Fire?

Here are three tips that you can follow to master the throwing of grenades, and win the game like a Pro.

#1 Right Angle

There are many places and techniques that helps players to hide and make it difficult for the opponent to attack. So in such situations throwing grenades at right angle is necessary because it is not easy to throw at right angle and will require lots of practice to master your throwing angle.

#2 Right Timing

Timing plays an important role in throwing grenades because grenades explodes after few seconds when you take out the pin. In our advice, we recommend you neither to throw early nor too late. Because throwing early will let them know, and throwing too late, you will explode yourself. So it is recommended to throw grenades when 1-2 second is remaining depending upon the distance.

#3 Right Spot

Throwing frag grenades at the right spot is a bit tricky task especially when the target is too far. In small distance it becomes easier because you know the exact spot where enemy is hiding, but when the distance increases you have to build your own assumption of where to throw and how to throw at right spot by practicing in the training ground.

These are the techniques that you can follow to use grenades like a pro in free fire. There are many pro players and eSports players who use these tactics to throw grenades properly and deal with higher damage.

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