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In BGMI to win the game you have to finish opponents and more opponents you finish more rewards and higher rank will be given to you. But it is not easy to get more finishes because every player is hungry for finishes and wants to grab chicken dinner.

But here I have some quick techniques that will help you get more kills which will help you improve your finish ratio and only classic matches finishes are counted. Let’s have a look at all the tactics that needs to followed to get victory and MVP.

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How To Increase BGMI F/D Ratio?

#1 Play Mirror World

In the BGMI 1.7 update a new mode Mirror World was introduced which is a flying island called as Nimbus Island. Currently, this is the Hot Drop in BGMI where you spawn again in the main when you are finished. So you can land quickly and pickup the best available weapons and finish as much you can.

BGMI Mirror World

#2 Pickup Sniper & Long Range Scope

Sometimes close range fight becomes difficult to handle, that’s why snipers with long range scope are the best choice because it helps you to shoot those target which are far from you and also have minimum risks. You can pick up AWM, Kar98K, Mini14, M24 and other as they are best for long range shots.

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Sniper & Long Range Scope

#3 Play With Pro Players

Players who are playing from many seasons have a good experience of how to manage difficult situations. So playing with those players will help you to get more finishes and those players always gives better suggestions which is useful to tackle tough situations. So share your situation or ask them for help and follow their instructions as they are very much useful.

#4 Use Smoke

Smoke is one of the best way to distract opponent aim to run in open area or to distract opponent’s aim. You can pick up sufficient smoke and use multiple scope at a time so that the hiding opponent reveal themselves to shoot you, and by finding a way they can be easily finished. Smoke grenade can be used more effectively in better depending upon the need and situation.

Use Smoke

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These are some of the techniques that you can follow to increase BGMI F/D ratio. If you are following these techniques, I’m sure it will increase your F/D. Mirror Island is a temporary location but don’t worry about it because in the next update some more hot drop will arrive in the game.

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