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In PUBG Mobile Bridge Camp is an art and almost every squad love to do bridge camping, and if the squad organizing Bridge Camp is tough it becomes difficult for the opponent to pass it because you will get finished before you pass it.

But by following these techniques you can easily pass even when the bridge camp is going. If you are new to the game then the Bridge camping is going to be a difficult task for you, so in such cases you can use these techniques.

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How To Go Through Bridge Camp In PUBG?

1. Take The Help Of Sniper

Every squad has at least one sniper who used to keep an eye everything things which are far from them and clear them before reaching at that place. So if you have doubt that there might be bridge camp, then ask your sniper teammate to look for the location.

2. Use Smoke Grenades

To escape from a location smoke grenades work like a charm, in this situation also you can use the smoke grenade in the whole bridge so that if anyone is doing sniping they don’t get to your proper location of where are you now, and you can easily escape from the bridge camping.

3. Split Your Squad

If you are moving in a squad then my advice is to split your team from every possible directions so that if any opponent is taking shots from a hidden point then all teammates don’t get finished, and you get enough time to spot their approximate location. In bridge camp, there are many locations where a player can hide, and you won’t spot them. So in this case splitting your squad could be a better strategy.

These are the 3 best techniques on How To Go Through Bridge Camp In PUBG. If these tips are useful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your squad and let them know about these amazing tips.

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