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Free Fire is a battle royale game of survival where an additional feature of companion which is also known as pet in the game. But these pets are not for decoration but helps in adding extra features to the game that helps in gaining victory over opponents.

But most of the pet are available at a price worth diamonds, but there are events on which we can get these items absolutely for free. Currently, an event called New Age is going on where you can get this pet for free just by login to the game. Means you don’t need to spend money on it to purchase because if you are logging on the given date the pet can be yours at no cost.

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Event New Age
Reward Yeti Pet
Date Jan 1, 2022
Cost 699💎
Yeti Pet Details

Yeti Pet Details

Yeti Pet comes with Frost Fortress ability, and it can reduce the damage from explosives by 15%, 20%, and 30% by upgrading it to higher level and cooldown after 150sec, 120sec, and 90sec respectively. It is very much effective when fully upgraded to the highest level.

Ability Frost Fortress
Level 1 15% Damage Reduction & Cooldown 150sec
Level 2 20% Damage Reduction & Cooldown 120sec
Level 3 30% Damage Reduction & Cooldown 90sec

You might have already collected a free backpack skin on December 25 and now the next free item is Yeti pet which will be available to claim for free on January 1, 2022. So all you have to do is to log in on Jan 1 and claim it for free. Here is the process that you can follow:

How To Get Yeti Pet For Free In Free Fire?

  1. Log in to the game > Click on New Age icon
  2. Click on Login Rewards
    Log in to the game > Click on New Age icon”  data-lazy- src=””/><noscript><img width=
  3. Click claim to equip for free.

This is the complete details about the How To Get Yeti Pet For Free In Free Fire. If you have any further query about the pet or event, please let us know in the below comments, and we will try to resolve it for you.

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