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Have you claimed your Free Rewards from Free Fire Pro League Winter Grand Finals

Throughout the six days of the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter, all of the teams captivated the audience with their excellent gameplay. The twelve teams that will compete in the grand finals have been chosen. Despite the fact that several top teams were unable to secure a spot, there will be plenty of fireworks when the teams compete for the championship.

Players can watch their favorite team play on the official channel and enter the FFPL Dream Team event for a chance to win prizes. Furthermore, the developers have established multiple live-watching milestones for players, as well as the associated rewards. Here’s a list of everything that’s up for grabs.

Time of League

Date Time
30th January 2022 5:45 PM IST

Let’s Check Out The Rewards

The Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter Grand Final is planned for January 30, 2022, with a live stream beginning at 5:45pm IST. There are three types of live-streaming rewards:

  • 300k – 3x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 400k – Pet Skin: Battle Fox
  • 500k – Sky Crystal (You can exchange it with one of the following: Otho, Spirit Fox, AK – Flaming Red, and Wiggle Walk Emote)

How to Claim Your Rewards?

Gamers will be rewarded through a redeem code that will be given out at the conclusion of the stream. The first two items will be automatically credited, but other rewards will require the use of the Sky Crystal.

Steps for Redemption and Use of Sky Crystal

As soon as you get your Redeem Code from the FFPL Stream, you have to follow these steps mentioned below :

Step 1: To use the redeem code, first go to the Rewards Redemption Site, which is the official website. Then you have to sign in using the platform associated with their Free Fire account after reaching it.

Rewards Redemption Site (Free Fire)
Image Source : Garena

Step 2: After Successful Login, you’ll see a Text Field where you can enter your Redeem Code, and hit the ‘Confirm Button‘. That’s all, you have successfully complete the Redemption.

Step 3: Then, you can claim your Rewards through in-game mail if it goes through successfully.

Free Fire Pro League Winter Free Rewards
Image Source : Garena

How to Use the Sky Crystal to Get Rewards?

In-game, go to the 500K Live Watching section. It can be found by clicking on the ‘Esports’ tab.

There will be an ‘Exchange’ option, and the token can be used to obtain any of the four items in Free Fire.

That’s all, Hope you guys enjoy the stream, as well as earn these rewards.

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