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In Free Fire, Garena just launched a new Valentine’s Wish Event where players may earn exclusive goodies. It includes two unique outfits: Prince Pink Bundle and Princess Pink Bundle, as well as a selection of innovative and enticing cosmetics. There are also a few more bonuses, such as an emote and a Gloo Wall skin.

Free Fire Valentine's Wish Event  Get Prince Pink Bundle & More

While the bundles are new, the Gloo Wall skin was previously available during the Valentine’s Star event in 2020, and the emote has been around for a long time. By spending diamonds in the event, gamers have a fair chance of getting new and previously available things.

A Variety of Prizes presented by Valentine’s Wish Event

The New Valentine’s Wish event in Free Fire began on February 7, 2022, and players can earn goodies through February 13th. In this event, a single spin costs 20 Diamonds, while a pack of 10+1 costs 200 diamonds.

While things will be given to users at random, once they have earned a unique prize, these will be greyed out and will not be given again. This improves their chances of winning further prizes.

The following is the prize pool for the new event:

Unique Prizes

Free Fire Valentine's Wish Event Unique Prizes

Here are the Unique Prizes listed below –

  1. Flowers of Love
  2. Prince Pink Bundle
  3. Princess Pink Bundle
  4. Gloo Wall – Power of Love
  5. Katana Season of Pink
  6. Heart Angel
  7. Golden Rose backpack
  8. Season of Love
  9. Pet Skin: Valentine’s Fox
  10. Cupid’s Arrow
  11. Love Kiss (Boy)
  12. Love Hear (Girl)
  13. Lovers
  14. Love at First Sight
  15. Be my Valentine
  16. Blue Cupid
  17. Strawberry Love
  18. Be my Valentine!

Normal Prizes

Free Fire Valentine's Wish Event Normal Prizes

The Normal Rewards are mentioned below –

  1. Cupid SCAR Weapon Loot Crate
  2. Valentines’s (AK+AWM) Weapon Loot Crate
  3. Water Balloon (AK) Weapon Loot Crate
  4. Pet Food
  5. Resupply Map
  6. Scan
  7. Bonfire
  8. Summon Airdrop
  9. 50x Universal Fragment
  10. 50x Memory Fragment (Jota)
  11. 50x Memory Fragment (Luqueta)
  12. 50x Memory Fragment (D-Bee)
  13. 50x Memory Fragment (Xayne)
  14. 50x Memory Fragment (Maro)
  15. 50x Memory Fragment (Leon)
  16. 50x Memory Fragment (Otho)

Since rewards are not guaranteed after a specified number of spins, only players with a good number of spare diamonds should consider investing in this event.

Steps for Obtain the Rewards

Players should follow the steps mentioned below to obtain their Rewards

  • Step 1 : Go to ‘Event Calendar‘ > Tap on the ‘News‘ Tab
  • Step 2 : Access Valentine’s Wish Event by clicking on the ‘Go To‘ Button
  • Step 3 : Then, Keep Spinning until you get your Desired Reward.
Free Fire Valentine's Wish Event Spinning

That’s all about Valentine’s Wish Event. Hope you get your desired reward.

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