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In Garena Free Fire getting more kills at Hot Drops locations is a very challenging task and as a beginner it is approximately impossible. But there are a few tactics that you can follow to get higher number of kills even at crowded hot drop locations.

If you are not getting finishes in the initial stage of the game and getting killed then by following the below techniques your chances of survival duration will increase, and you might not get easily knocked. Let’s go through 5 pro-tips and tricks that you need to follow.

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Beginner Guide To Get More Kills at Hot Drops In Free Fire

How To Get More Kills at Hot Drops In Free Fire?

Here are a few techniques that are used by many pro players, and they also recommend us to use them so that we could get good amount of finishes.

1. Land In Opposite To Enemy

When you jump out of the plane, the other members jumping at the same time will be displayed in the sky, as well as their location. So we recommend you to not land in their location and move in the opposite direction in which they are going. By doing this, you can collect more loot and survival chance also increases.

2. Find A Weapon

The first thing you need to do after landing on hot drop location is to pick up the best and best weapons available for you. The spawn rate of Shotguns and SMG are more in such hot drops, so you can collect them too for an early fight.

3. Shoot While Moving

It is the finest technique to get more kills in hot drop locations, shooting while moving is one of the best technique that you can follow. By doing this, you are not giving your opponent to shoot you, and you are getting a proper shot.

4. Don’t Engage In Others Fight

When other teammates are in a fight, we advise you to keep an eye on them and wait for them to finish their fights so that you get an opportunity to get more loots and kills too with minimum efforts. But while doing this, you have to make sure others are not getting your location.

5. Focus On Zone

In Free Fire there is a play zone that shrinks after a few time, and by the time it keeps on decreasing, and then it comes to an end. When the zone starts to shrink, most of the hidden comes out of their hidden location. So At this moment you can look for them and get good amount of kills if you have a sniper and long range scope.

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These are the 5 best tips and tricks that you need to follow if you want to score more kills in hot drop locations when there is crowded. There could be even much better techniques than these, then make sure to share it with us so that I could mention them here in this article for you, as it will help other readers.

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