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Money Heist collaboration is a blessing for Free Fire players as Free Fire is distributing lots of free rewards and today another event has arrived that is Claim Free Loot box in Cumulative Login Rewards. This section will be available in the Plan Bermuda: Raid section of events (calendar icon).

In this event there are 3 rewards available and for all these rewards you don’t need to do anything just login to the game you become eligible to claim it for free without performing any extra task.

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Free Fire Cha-Ching Loot Box
Event Money Heist Cumulative Login Event
Start Date 7 December 2021
End Date 15 December 2021

How To Get Free Fire Cha-Ching Loot Box For Free?

  1. Login to the game
  2. Click on event icon
  3. Navigate to Plan Bermuda: Raid & Run option
  4. Tap to Claim Free Loot Box
  5. Click Claim on the rewards that you wish to collect
How To Get Free Fire Cha-Ching Loot Box For Free?

Free Fire Money Heist Cumulative Login Event Rewards

Mission Reward
Log in for 1 day Team Heist Printer
Log in for 3 day Bounty Token Play Card (14 days)
Log in for 5 day Cha-ching Loot Box

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Just login to the continuously for 5 days and you will become eligible to claim all the rewards, so don’t miss any day and login every day in order to claim them. Make sure to do it before 15 December because it is the last day of this event and after that you are not going to get this option again.

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