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In Free Fire a new event called Winterland is coming into the game where you can get free bundles, free magic cube, and more. Currently, the Money Heist x Free Fire event called Plan Bermuda Event Calendar is going on, and it will end on December 16, 2021. Once this money heist is completed, a new icon for Winterland will appear in place of the previous icon.

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Event Winterland
Release Date December 17, 2021
Rewards Male & Female Bundle
Magic Cube Date January 01, 2022
FF Winterland Event (Get Free Bundles, Magic Cube)

Free Fire Winterland Event

When you tap on the Winterland Event icon, the trailer will be displayed for the first time, in which all the important things available in the event will be displayed. In the event you have to complete the given missions and for completing those missions you will be getting some Tokens, and these cards will be used to redeem free rewards from the event exchange section.

Two bundles are available during this event, one is Male Bundle whereas the second one is female bundle. You have both choice, either you want to unlock Male or Female bundle with the collected tokens. If you have sufficient tokens, you can unlock both of them too.

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How To Get Free magic cube?

During the Winterland event, the new year event will also begin and so on January 01, 2022, whenever you will finish any match you will get the Magic Cube fragments for free. Whenever you play any match in Classic, Ranked Mode, Clash Squad you will get the magic cube fragment. You might get 1, 3, 5 or any amount of magic cube fragment, and it will be limited.

This is the complete details about FF Winterland Event (Get Free Bundles, Magic Cube). Just wait for the event to arrive and collect the rewards by completing missions.

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