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Whenever any major update is coming to the game, free fire releases OB update where new features are accessible that haven’t been released officially for all the users. But it requires an activation code and OB APK.

This article is the complete guide to free fire OB32 activation code, which will guide you with step-by-step procedure to help you in downloading this OB Update and let you enjoy the game before it is officially released for everyone.

Advance Server is a different version of Free Fire that have no connection with the global version as it ask for an activation code to gain its access. The access is also opened for limited players, but if you are following this article you might become that lucky one to get a chance for its access.

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Free Fire OB32 Advance Server Activation Code

How To Register For OB32 Advance Server?

  1. Go to Advance Server Official Website
  2. Tap on Login Facebook button
    Tap on Login Facebook button
  3. Login with Facebook, which is connected to Free Fire
  4. Fill the other details
    Fill the other details
  5. For eligible players, download APK link will appear

Free Fire OB32 Advance Server Activation Code

For logging into the advance server you will need an activation code which is given to limited players only. It is because the Advance Server has the capacity to hold a certain amount of users. Even if you have registered or downloaded the APK, it is not sure that you will get the access to it. So you can register now and wait for Garena to send you the activation code if you become eligible for this.

Free Fire OB32 Advance Server Activation Code

But if you are the lucky one to receive the OB32 activation code, just login to the official website of Free Fire Advance Server and download the OB32 update APK and login with the activation code you have received. If it is a valid code, the game access will be given to you.

If you don’t understand how this work to increase the probability of getting the code you can watch the above video as in this video this person has described everything in detail which seems valid from my side, and I’m assuming this will work for you.

I hope this article about Free Fire OB32 Advance Server Activation Code might be useful for you and helped you to get the beta access of the game. If you have any further queries about the OB update, please let us know in the below comments.

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