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Free Fire is one of the most unique battle royale games on the mobile platform. The main reason for the uniqueness is the different abilities each character brings to the battlefield. There are nearly 40 different characters in the Free Fire universe from the passive “Moco” to the aggressive “Skyler” catering to all the different styles of gameplay a player wishes to adopt. Joining this long list of the player roster is a new character “D-Bee”. He was actually rumored for a long time & finally joined the free fire universe last month. Even after joining, he was not accessible for playing until now. Players can unlock & play D-Bee through the new limited-time event “StreetBeat Event”.

D-bee Character Abilities

D-Bee kit

Primary Ability: “Bullet Beats” – This ability of D-Bee is mainly for aggressive players who like to take a lot of 1vs1 fights. This skill allows players to gain both movement speed & accuracy while shooting any gun. The movement speed starts at a minimum of 35% at Level 1 to 70% at maximum level. This increase in both abilities gives the player an upper hand while taking individual fights as well as helps in counter-strafing against enemies.

Levels Agility(%) Accuracy
Level 1 35 35
Level 2 40 40
Level 3 46 46
Level 4 53 53
Level 5 61 61
Level 6 70 70
Abilities & Agilities of D-Bee

Best Pets for D-Bee Character

Best Pets For D-Bee: Robo, Detective Panda, Spirit Fox, Mr.Waggor, Falco are some of the best pets for D-Bee in the gam right now.

Bio for D-Bee Character

He is not inspired by any real-life characters like Chrono, DJ Alok, or Sklyer. Legend says that he is a street musician & dancer who loves to use his moves to bring happiness to the faces of sad people. He can be found wearing his bright yellow jacket along with his baggy blue jeans in the default avatar. Being a music lover you can also see him wearing his candy pink headphones around the neck.

Price of D-Bee Character Free Fire

D-Bee is a part of a limited-time promotional event “Streetbeat”. Players can avail him for free by just topping up for 100 diamonds(Virtual Currency).

How to Get D-Bee Character Free fire

Players can follow the below-mentioned steps to unlock D-Dee in the official Game store

  1. Open your Garena Free Fire account on your respective mobile phones and click on the diamond icon present in the left top corner of your lobby screen.
  2. A top-up menu for iamonds will shown on your screen , recharge for a minimum of 100 diamonds using any methods of your choice. People who wish to buy Diamonds at a cheaper rate can buy at the Codastore.
  3. After buying 100 DIamonds, Head over to the limited time events section and click on “StreetBeat Top Up” Tab.
  4. Players can now cliam the new Free Fire Character D-Bee by clicking on the Claim button. Users can also obtain the entire D-Bee Bundle by topping up for a minimum of 500 Diamonds.
  5. Voila D-Bee will be added to your Inventory , Enjoy Playing him.

Note: This Limited time Event will only be available till 13th July so players must Top-up & claim the character within the prescribed time frame.

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