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In Free Fire, a new event has arrived where you can grab Incubator Bundles for free. A similar event has already earlier where lots of free Incubator Bundles were given to the players, and now it has returned to the game.

But during this event there is a twist, in this event bundles will be given to only limited players of a region. While this event is going on you have to create your own team and team performing maximum score will become the winner of the rewards.

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How To Participate In Free Fire Dream Team Event

  1. Login to the game > Click on event icon
    Login to the game > Click on event icon”  data-lazy- src=””/><noscript><img width=Make your team

    Each pro player will earn points based on their performance on the day, you will be ranked based on the total points earned by your dream team. You can also use power-ups to boost your dream team’s score.

    Note: Team caption will be earning double points than the other players of the squad.

    It is a 7-day match competition where you the rewards are divided into 3 different tiers and for each tier there is a reward. If you or your team is becoming that lucky one to reach that will be able to grab the rewards. In the 7-day competition, every day the rewards are different.

    The rewards include are Bundles, Loot Crate, Vouchers, Backpack Skin, Parachute Skin, Surfboard, and more.

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    The Dream Team event began on 3 January and will end on 30 January, so play like a pro and win the exclusive rewards for free. But the match is going to become very tough and competitive for everyone.

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