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Because the bulk of products in Free Fire require diamonds, gamers take advantage of any chance to get freebies. These are usually seen in connection with a variety of events that developers add on a regular basis.

Free Fire : Get Free Legendary Emote & Skins This Week
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Players can get freebies in the game by participating in Top-Up Events. They compel users to purchase rather than spend diamonds over a specific period of time to obtain specified products, as the name implies. The second round of the Squad Beatz top-up is now live, and it includes two legendary prizes.

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Steps to Get Legendary Emote & Loot Box Skin

Squad Beatz Top-Up
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The Squad Beatz Top Up 2 will be available to players starting on February 9th, 2022, and gamers will be able to pay a total of 500 diamonds to receive the rewards until February 14th, 2022. The following are the details of the prizes:

  • Purchase 100 Diamonds to get Brassy Audiobomb Loot Box
  • Purchase 500 Diamonds to get Burnt BBQ emote

These Top-Up Events increase the value of in-app purchases and are found in almost all goods. If users are planning on purchasing diamonds in the near future, they should do so during this top-up event, as emotes in the market cost a lot of diamonds, and they will get Burnt BBQ for free.

Following these methods will allow users to easily acquire in-game cash and obtain the items:

Step 1: After installing Free Fire on their device, gamers can go to the top of the screen and click the ‘+’ icon to enter the top-up section.

For the treasure box, users must purchase diamonds worth INR 80, while for the emote, they must purchase a 520 diamonds pack at INR 400.

Squad Beatz Top-Up 2
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Step 2: Players must manually access the event and claim the related things once money has been paid and diamonds have been credited.

Step 3: Users can access the Squad Beatz tab within the event section and then claim the rewards by pressing the claim button next to them.

Finally, players can use the vault part of the game to equip both awards.

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