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In Free Fire New events are arriving where you can get Christmas Sky Wings, Gloo Wall skin, Bundles and lots of more rewards. Here we will be discussing all those events and the rewards along with the exact date when they are and how to claim them.

But the main focus of this event is on Christmas, and all the items are based on Christmas and Santa. It is a great opportunity for you to get exciting rewards. Here is a quick table of all the events:

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Event Date Rewards
Top up event Dec 23 – 27 Katana Skin (200💎)
Top up event Dec 23 – 27 Gloo Wall Skin (500💎)
Mystery Shop Dec 25 Male & Female Bundle
Faded Wheel Dec 25 – Jan 2 Skywing Skin & New Animation

Free Fire Christmas Event

All the events are based on either Christmas and even the rewards, all of them are either in red color or white to give the feeling of Santa clothes.

The first event arriving is Top up event on December 23 and end on December 27 where you can claim two rewards, one is Katana Skin for which you have to top up 200 Diamonds and to get the Gloo Wall Skin you have to do the top-up of 500 Diamonds.

Top up Event Katana Skin

Second one is Mystery Shop event which we already got hint from Garena where they are offering two bundles, one is for Male and another one is Female bundle. But both of them look pretty. The Mystery Shop will arrive on December 25, 2021, where we might also get some discount on Elite Pass.

Mystery Shop Male & Female Bundle

Here comes the last reward that is Sky wing Skin and New Animation arriving in Faded Wheel on December 25, 2021, and will end on January 2, 2022. But to unlock this you will need diamonds and if you are becoming the lucky one the reward will be given to you.

Faded Wheel Skywing Skin & New Animation

These are all the events and rewards that are arriving in the game. If you have any further queries about it, please let me know about it in the below comments.

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