Element M1887 Gun Skin Confirm Date

After a very long wait, the M1887 Gun Skin is coming back into the game with new events and more exciting rewards. M1887 is one of the most awaited game gun of free fire, and finally it is coming back in 4 different colors.

It was certain that M1887 gun skin will come into the game, but we were having no clue about it, but now we are having the confirmation release date along with its complete information such as weapon attributes, look and more. First let us have a look at its attributes:

Red Fire Rate ++ Damage + Movement Speed –
Blue Range ++ Damage + Accuracy –
Yellow Accuracy ++ Fire Rate + Movement Speed –
Black & White Reload Speed ++ Armor Penetration + Accuracy –

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Free Fire Red M1887

Free Fire Element Red M1887 Gun Skin

Free Fire Blue M1887

Free Fire Element Blue M1887 Gun Skin

Free Fire Yellow M1887

Free Fire Element Yellow M1887 Gun Skin

Free Fire Black & White M1887

Free Fire Element Black & White M1887 Gun Skin

Free Fire M1887 Skins Web Event

The Element M1887 four legendary gun skins are arriving on January 7 and will end till January 13. The poster of this event also looks fantastic will all the weapon skins mentioned over it along with its attributes.

Free Fire M1887 Skins Web Event

But it is still a mystery that in which event section this gun skin will arrive, may be some special event section may be added into the game or garena may try something new for this legendary skins. I hope you are also excited for this upcoming legendary gun skins. If you wish let me know your favorite M1887 legendary skin colour

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