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Web Shooter is the most interesting update of BGMI till now, and it can be used in many ways. There are so many tips and tricks that you perform with the Web Shooter. Player’s are taking the full advantage of this tool and perform amazing actions and climbing over every building of BGMI.

This spider-man mode is arriving in the game after the collaboration of PUBG and Spider-Man No Way Home. In this article, I’m going to three tips to use Web Shooter in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and I’m sure you will love it for sure.

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PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile Spider-Man Mode Spider-Man Mode

#1. Climb Over Buildings

Till now, it was not possible to climb over taller buildings in the game, but the spider-man web shooter made it possible and enable us to wherever we want. So I mean to say here that climb the highest possible places and take the advantage of height and get more finishes in comparison to lower heights.

#2. Cross Bridge Camp Easily

It is very dangerous to cross bridge camping especially when snipers of pro players have captured it but with the help of web shooter it becomes easier to cross bridge camp. Suppose if a player is camping over the bridge, then you can take bottom side to easily cross the bridge.

#3. Use Spiderweb Balls

Spiderweb Balls has become a weapon for players, and it reduces the player’s movement a lot. Suppose the enemy is using hand weapon like Pan or Sickle, then you can take the help of Spiderweb balls and reduce their movement speed a lot. In the meantime, you can get prepared for next action to troll your opponent in a funny way.

These are some techniques that you can do with the Spider-Man’s web shooter. The best thing that you can do with this to climb on the tallest building of the game and take the full advantage of height.

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