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In Free Fire for victory aim plays an important role because you have to finish the opponent with guns and for this you have to aim properly. Because a small mistake in movement will lead to a wrong shot. It happens especially when you are with sniper.

But don’t worry, here are some of the proven tips that will help you to improve your aim in Free Fire and hit the right target precisely. If you are able to master it, there won’t be any warrior to stop you from winning the game.

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How To Aim Properly In Free Fire

How To Aim Properly In Free Fire?

You can follow the below tips to improve your aim in Free Fire, as many pro players follow these techniques, and they got amazing results out of it.

1. Aim For The Head

In Free Fire, almost every weapon has some kind of recoil, and one proper headshot is enough to take down the enemy. So in order to get the head you have to aim a little below the head so that if recoil rises the weapon upward, so it gets the head and the shot. For getting you get extra point so always look for head, in this sniper with long range scope would be much more useful.

2. Use Drag Rotation

Drag Rotation is used for better accuracy and shooting, and this is useful for both the long and short range fight. To use Drag Rotation properly, you will need a proper sensitivity settings and good practice. Then, try to drag the aim quickly to land an accurate headshot while rotating and moving. For this practice, you have to put the crosshair on the head of the enemies and move in stable order.

3. Aim From High

Height gives you better visibility because all the things are below you, and you can prone or crouch at some secret location from there all the location in the play zone is visible. In this, if you can get a sniper and long range scope, then this could be the best tactics to get a maximum number of finishes without risking and revealing your location.

4. Use Right Scope

Every weapon supports variety of attachments and scope is the attachment that almost every weapon supports. As the scope helps you to view the player body clearly, and you can aim for the head quickly and accurately. So learn the best use of scope by practicing in the training ground and in real matches.

5. Selection Of Best Character Skills

You will find a variety of characters with unique style in it, and selection of right character and its skill will help you a lot. There are a few characters which have amazing skills, characters like Dasha and Laura are well known for accuracy shots, so you can try these characters or anyone according to your choice.

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I hope these 5 tips would help you to aim properly in the game. There are various ways by which you can improve your aim precision. If you have any further queries, please let us know in the below comments.

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