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BGMI has wide range of weapons and all of them are suitable for different situations. But long range weapons are always loved by every player. So in this article I will be sharing the 5 best attachments that can be used for long range fights in BGMI.

If you are confused which attachments are more suitable in long range, then this article is the best guide for you. Here I have tried to mention only the best attachments for long range battle. You can pick up these attachments and improve your presence in the battlefield.

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5 Best Attachments For Long Range In BGMI

#first. AWM

AWM is the ultimate weapon available in BGMI, as it deals with a huge damage which is enough to knock an enemy. It’s a single headshot and the enemy is finished. As it has very fewer attachments option so the best you can use is 8X Scope and extended magazine.

#2. Kar98K

Kar98K is another best weapon from sniper category. Its single shot is enough to take down an enemy with Level2 armor. Kar98K is a powerful weapon, so find it might not be easier. The best attachment that is perfect for Kar98K is 8X scope that gives you visuals at long range.

# 3. Mini14

Mini14 is a semi-automatic sniper that uses 5.56 mm ammo and in additional attachments it accepts muzzle, mag, & scope. Even after being a sniper, it can be used continuously without any pause, that’s most people love using Mini14. The best attachments that can be used are 4X scope and extended mag.

#4. M416

M416 is one of the most stable weapon of BGMI, which is preferred by almost every player for spray at longer distance. It can be used as sniper as well as assault rifle. The best attachments for M416 are Compensator (AR), Quick draw Extended Mag (AR), Half grip, 4X scope, and Tactical Stock.

#5. MK14

MK14 is an airdrop weapon that comes with single and auto mode. It delivers damage to 61. MK14 can be used as Sniper, as well assault rifle, means you can use it for any range. The additional attachments that can be used with MK14 are extended mag and 6X/8X scope.

These are the 5 Best Attachments For Long Range In BGMI. In long range the best attachments that you can use it 8X scope and extended mag. If you find this article useful, please let us know in the below comments.

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